Special Events

Need a place for a convention, party or other event?  How about a festival?  We have that covered too!

Water Works Conference Center

Birthday Parties
Family Gatherings

GroundWater Festival

Edible Aquifer Presentation
Water Cycle Bracelet Presentation
Water Filtration Presentation
Games and Activities

Water Works Conference Center

The Water Works Conference Center is located in the base of a 2 million gallon water tower and offers meeting rooms for a variety of settings.

  • No rentals may be made within 7 days of date requested.  Within one month of rental all rent and security deposit must be paid in cash.  For advanced rentals, (over 31 days out), one half of rent must be paid at time of application.  If cancelled, this portion will not be refunded.  No out of town checks will be accepted.  ALL security deposits must be paid in cash.
  • ALSO, you may pick the key up on the day you have the Conference Center rented.  NOT BEFORE!  If additional time is required, you may want to rent the Conference Center the day before you event.
  • Small kitchen on premises
  • Seating:
    • West Conference room – 35 people with tables
    • Main Conference room -125 people with tables
  • Fees:
    • West Conference room – $300 M-Th; Deposit – $200
    • Main Conference room – $400 M-Th; Deposit – $400
    • Main Conference room – $600 F S Su; Deposit – $400
      (weekend includes West Conference room)

To check on Availability and complete Reservation
Call or go by the Monroeville Water Works and Sewer Board office
69 West Claiborne Street
P.O. Box 674
Monroeville, AL  36461
Telephone (251)575-2617

Please go by the office for the latest reservation form.  This site is being updated.

Monroe County GroundWater Festival

The GroundWater Festival is held in the fall of each year.   We meet at the Conference Center and participate in many fun, educational, and exciting activities.

Committee Members
  • William Snyder
  • Laura Taylor
  • Chavon McNeil
  • Steve Thomas
  • Kathy Horne
  • George Marodis

Monoroeville Water Works and Sewer Board

CDG Engineers & Associates

Volunteers Needed
  • Edible Aquifer Presenter– Teach the Edible Aquifer Activity to the students or help in the classroom.
  • Water Cycle Bracelet Presenter– Teach the Water Cycle Bracelet Activity to the students or help in the classroom.
  • Water Filtration Presenter– Teach the Water Filtration Activity to the students or help in the classroom.
  • Tour Guide– Responsible for a fourth grade class and will lead students from activity to activity.
  • Transportation Guide– Will help coordinate transportation and buses, getting children to and from a bus.
  • Runner– Will check with classroom presenters to see what materials may need to be replaced, serve as a floater where needed.

Help us at the GroundWater Festival

Volunteers help make this a really great community event!Volunteer