Monroeville Water Works
        The Monroeville Water Works Conference Center
181 East Claiborne Street
                                       Monroeville, Alabama

The Water Works Conference Center located in the base of a 2 million gallon water tower offers meeting
rooms for a variety of settings.  The main conference room will seat approximately 125 people using the
provided 6 foot by 30 inch tables.  80 people can be seated using the provided 60 in round tables.  A stage
area is located at the front of the conference room and is equipped with both stairs and a handicap
accessible ramp.  On the front wall over the stage is a motorized projection screen.  This screen measures
8’ 6” high by 8 ‘wide.  Perimeter lighting is located along the west, east and south interior walls in the main
conference room.  The thermostat which controls the main conference room, foyer, and main restroom
facilities is located on the stage to the right.
A full kitchen is located off the east side of the main conference room.  The kitchen is equipped with a
refrigerator/freezer, electric oven/stove, microwave oven, sink, and approximately 24 feet of food
preparation counter top.
The main foyer entrance offers a spacious area to great guests as well as two large restroom facilities.
The west conference room has its own entrance, thermostat control, and restroom facilities.  This room will
seat approximately 30 to 35 people.
The Monroeville Water Works staff will set up (tables and chairs) for all events at no extra charge.  Any
banners which need to hang from the ceiling can also be taken care of during the set-up time.  All tables
and chairs should be left in their place when the function is complete.  We ask that renters place all trash in
the two large trash cans located in the kitchen area. 
At no time should any type of adhesive be applied
to the walls or doors. 
Please call the Monroeville Water Works office to check for date availability, at  251-575-2617.C
To check Availability for your
event, call or go by

Monroeville Water Works
69 West Claiborne Street
P.O. Box 674
Monroeville, AL  36461

Telephone (251)575-2617
Monroeville Water Works
Conference Center